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Enterprise Contact Center UI

To run an efficient call center operation, you need both proactive and reactive management of data, infrastructure, and people across various sites.

But if you can’t easily see and navigate through your databases, managing information becomes very difficult.

This situation is exactly why many contact managers are unable to proactively manage their centers and prevent breakdowns. They simply don’t have visibility to data at an enterprise-wide level.

Sanah’s Enterprise Contact Center UI
Sanah’s Enterprise Contact Center User Interface monitors all aspects of your contact centers including infrastructure and agents. It pulls data from various applications so that you can view the health of your center from one centralized, common platform.

If something goes wrong (e.g., data is not being refreshed), the UI will send messages to the appropriate manager, thus enabling proactive solutions for issues before they turn into bigger problems.

With a better, web-based user interface, you will dramatically improve how you access and use data:
  • Cleaner data management.
  • Easy-to-understand data validation.
  • Instant email notifications when databases and systems go
  • Integration of databases with real time applications.
  • Easy input of new data.
  • Easy management of user and access privileges.
  • Easy management of routing for applications.
Contact Sanah today and learn how our Enterprise Contact Center UI solution can help you prevent problems.
Universal IVR Connector

For businesses that use IVR technology for call centers, tight integration and enhanced functionality can be the difference between a barely functioning fix and an optimized solution.

With over ten years of in-depth call center expertise, Sanah has developed a Universal IVR connector that integrates your IVR, Contact Center Middleware (ACD & CTI), and front office CRM software. Built on Java technology, this solution allows you to provide the best and quickest customer service

The Universal IVR Connector will:
  • Seamlessly integrate IVR, ACD, CTI, and CRM software.
  • Provide up-to-date and accurate average hold times.
  • Supply desktop agents with customer information gathered in
    the IVR.
Contact Sanah today and learn how our Universal IVR Connector can improve your customer service.
Optimized Call Router

Your call routing system must understand your hours of operation and holiday schedules. If it doesn’t, inefficient call routing can damage everything from operational efficiency to customer call satisfaction.

Sanah’s Optimized Call Router
Sanah has developed an Optimized Call Router to centrally control how your phone system routes calls during normal hours of operation and holiday schedules.

We maximize the flexibility of call control tables/vectors and business rules through centralized data and logic. As a result, you can route calls based on current day/date/time and routing codes without making inefficient changes directly to ACD hardware.

Contact Sanah today and learn how our Optimized Call Router solution can optimize your call routing.
Sanah’s Application Bridge to Contact Server Migration Tool

Sanah has developed a design stack for enterprise-level customers that helps you move to Aspect’s Contact Server Platform without compromising any functionality.
Some of our Application Bridge benefits allow you to:
  • Drastically reduce migration time and related costs.
  • Easily migrate from the outdated Aspect Application Bridge
    interface (most often used in association with the IBM
    CallFlow mainframe product).
If your business utilizes the Aspect ACD and you need to migrate to the Contact Server Platform, Contact Sanah today.
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