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Technology Companies

From supplementing in-house tech departments to offering completely outsourced IT services, Sanah has helped a variety of hi-tech companies achieve best-in-class services and IT support.

For mid-sized to large technology companies with established services department, Sanah can:
  • Deliver specific projects that require custom application
    development or systems integration.
  • Balance peak times by assisting with implementations,
    upgrades, and other projects during busy periods.
  • Provide offshore support to supplement onsite resources for
    development,implementations, and support.
For small to mid-sized technology companies, Sanah can provide complete IT Services Solutions that:
  • Increase product sales by offering a portfolio of services that
    complements your products.
  • Allow companies to focus on developing and enhancing
    products instead of managing and delivering services.
  • Provide best-in-class services while growing your revenue
    and profitability
Financial Services

Sanah has worked with a variety of financial companies on a breadth of projects including systems integrations, custom application development, and technical support. We have extensive experience in integrating data from CRM, call centers, and other back office systems.

For example, one of our solutions fully integrates CRM with voice response systems so that employees can quickly access customer data and provide superior customer service. We eliminate the need for customers to repeat information; we also enable customer service representatives to know exactly where customers left off in the voice response system.

As the financial markets enter a turbulent period, it will become vital for financial services companies to retain their good customers. Integrating Sanah’s efficient customer service platforms will significantly enhance your customer experience and retention while reducing your customer service costs. Such benefits will be key competitive advantages as the financial markets continue to evolve.

With sweeping changes to the healthcare industry – from the trend to electronic-based patient records to extensive regulatory changes – administrators and physicians must integrate truly innovative technology to deliver quality care

With this in mind, Sanah entered the healthcare industry with the introduction of allFax , the only all-in-one digital fax solution specifically designed for healthcare professionals

In addition to allFax, we have expanded on our offering to healthcare providers through our close partnership with Zanec. Zanec has a management team of senior executives with over 60 years of combined experience in the healthcare IT space. Our team has designed and developed healthcare software products that are used globally by hundreds of thousands of professionals. We also have delivered innovative solutions for the National Health Service (NHS) in the U.K. for over 17 years.

For more information about our healthcare services please download our Health Services brochure. [Attach PDF]

From breaking down monopolies and industry-wide reforms to burgeoning landline and mobile markets, the telecommunications sector in India is booming.

Phone connections in India have crossed the 100-million mark and are expected to triple in the next two years, while mobile coverage extends to almost 450 million people.

By sheer numbers alone, the opportunity for resellers and service providers in India is immense. With a partner like Sanah India, international companies can access this wave of growth that has almost limitless potential.

For more information, please click on: telecom reseller services to see how Sanah can help telecom manufacturers enter the Indian market.